Fashion Icon and amazing person: Angela Lindvall

Hi Lambbies,

I just read an awesome article about Angela Lindvall in C Magazine.  Author Christine Lennon captures this lovely lady and her lovely intentions worth a look.  Below is just a snippet of Ms. Lindvall's thoughts included in this delicious little blurb.

 '" Something wonderful happens when people come together to offer each other support and compassionate understanding"'....

Simple and true.  This thought, and this gorgeous soul embody the spirit of Marylambb...Strong, creative, spiritual individuals actively changing the world through love and kindness...OK!  Check out the entire mag...there is some dope fashion and jewelry as well. Lots of seen in the Wolf collection and in my line coming up.   Love wins again.

 FYI Angelea Lindvall's IG @angelalinvall






Maryanna Donnelly
Maryanna Donnelly


Maryanna Donnelly is a California native and has been an artist and designer since she was a young girl. Her experiences living in Europe and traveling throughout southeast Asia have deeply impacted her world view, and thus her jewelry designs. Her experience teaching in South Los Angeles also served as food for her artistic story. Maryanna believes that a persons story is the most important thing one can offer, and strives to make her jewelry serve as protection for each unique individuals journey. " I have taken bits and pieces of the people, culture, and stories I have witnessed in my life and created Marylambb. My jewelry is literally a work of love, born of my dreams, conceived of my mind, and finally made with my hands. I believe that times are changing, and that style has become a vital way to express ones individuality and beliefs." Maryanna currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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