Pretty, cool and a strong dose of protection!

Here I am chillen' in my gear:).  I am wearing the Karma necklace, and a custom turquoise bracelet.  Read more about the meaning of the stones in my descriptions, or just google "the meaning of stones."  There is a plethora of good info online.

When creating Marylambb, one of the most important things to me was that the jewelry help the owner become the best version of themselves.  "I care about people, its kind of my thing."   Yes, this is a tall order but I always aim high.  (I am, in actuality, pretty tall.)

Marylambb jewelry is unique, it is lovely.  It looks good at the beach, at an art gallery, and the office. It wears well to any formal event... it looks good on men and woman.  All of these things things are crucial in a great line of jewelry.  However, I would still say the most notable part of my line is that it works to empower the owner! 

I choose stones that heal, protect, and enlighten you.  I have carefully made each piece to offer a powerful recipe of protection.  Read about each piece and know that it has been created to make you feel better and be your personal also looks cool and super luxe.




Maryanna Donnelly
Maryanna Donnelly


Maryanna Donnelly is a California native and has been an artist and designer since she was a young girl. Her experiences living in Europe and traveling throughout southeast Asia have deeply impacted her world view, and thus her jewelry designs. Her experience teaching in South Los Angeles also served as food for her artistic story. Maryanna believes that a persons story is the most important thing one can offer, and strives to make her jewelry serve as protection for each unique individuals journey. " I have taken bits and pieces of the people, culture, and stories I have witnessed in my life and created Marylambb. My jewelry is literally a work of love, born of my dreams, conceived of my mind, and finally made with my hands. I believe that times are changing, and that style has become a vital way to express ones individuality and beliefs." Maryanna currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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