The Indigo collection consists of many intangible ideas that have floated around in the recesses of my mind for years.  Indigo is a dye used to make the deep violet blue color seen all over the world.  I have a deep appreciation of traditions that take place in many cultures throughout the world.  The process of using a plant to create a vivid color, that is used in art and functional items alike, is something humans have practiced for thousands of years.

To me, the color indigo blue is full of warmth, sadness, a mercurial color with weight and depth. Similar to the artist soul; contradictory, charismatic, and so often shrouded in mystery.  It is the color I most often see in my dreams. This collection has been created during hardship, interspersed with episodes of deep clarity, and joy.  I believe it has a depth and integrity yet to be explored in my previous collections.  Please enjoy and know you are experiencing a work of art from my soul.