Mandar is another name of the Lord Ganesha who is a supremely powerful God in the Hindu religion.  Ganesha is known for his elephant head and is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in Hinduism.  He is thought to be the "he who found the divinity within himself".  He is believed to be the balance between force and kindness, and between power and beauty.  In keeping with this vibe, the Mandar necklaces are for men and woman, and are intended to help balance the owner.

Every necklace is hand-knotted by Maryanna using waxed, hemp cord known for its strength, and durability.  The general design has 108 beads as seen in Mala prayer beads.  I have included Marylambb's signature crystal skull/halo combination...think of it like a luxurious tag, that has special, strengthening properties.  

This collection is designed especially for men, but looks equally rad on the ladies.  Each design is carefully created for maximum protection, durability, and style using high quality stones. 

"I wear my boyfriend's necklaces layered and looped together, when I feel get my strength on, feel safe, and make a statement."