About the Artists

Maryanna was raised in the small town of Sonoma, California and has been an artist since she was a young girl.  After graduating from San Francisco State with a BA in Art, Maryanna traveled extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and India.   Maryanna was deeply moved by the diversity of the people she saw, and the jewelry they wore to express themselves and their beliefs.  "Jewelry is more than beautiful adornment.  For most people it is a primal way to express one's social and cultural identity...one's religion and spirituality."  

After her travels Maryanna moved to Los Angeles and spent the next five years teaching art in South Los Angeles.  "Being in a big city where artists truly wear their heart on their sleeves propelled me forward and Marylambb was born."  Marylambb is a labor of love.  Know that when you wear a piece of Marylambb jewelry it is spiritually charged, and carefully constructed for beauty and protection.