Marylambb is a Los Angeles based jewelry company that creates spiritually charged pieces for men and women.  Each piece is designed by Maryanna Donnelly.  "Maryanna hand makes each piece of jewelry using stones that are revered for their protective and healing properties.  “I use the traditional hand-knotting technique seen in mala prayer beads throughout Southeast Asia, India, and the world. This time honored tradition is transformed through my modern approach.  Often patterns are intuitive, and many of our designs are intentionally asymmetrical.  We are all imperfectly perfect."  Each piece is to be worn as a talisman that will protect, heal, and enlighten the owner.


Featured in "WOMAN WE LOVE"

August 30, 2016

So amazing to be featured in Jessica Faulkner's "WOMAN WE LOVE".  Nothing better than playing dress up, vino, and good conversation with friend and BFF fashion designer Jessica Faulkner.  Loved every second of it. "WOMEN WE LOVE"MARYANNA DONNELLY OF MARYLAMBB JEWELRYThis week we are featuring the very talented designer, Maryanna Donnelly, of MaryLambb Jewelry, as one of the women we love. With an eye for detail and a heart of gold we sat down with our sister friend and discussed her journey over a bottle of wine.What is the inspiration behind your jewelry designs?I have always been fascinated by construction, design, and color and I have always love fashion. When I was in high school I wanted to be a...

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Mandar Collection 2015

December 18, 2015

Hello everyone, The Mandar collection is up on the website for your perusal! Mandar is another name of the Lord Ganesha who is a supremely powerful God in the Hindu religion.  Ganesha is known for his elephant head, and is one of most worshipped deities in Hinduism.  He is thought to be "he who found the divinity within himself".  He is believed to be the balance between force and kindness, and between power and beauty.  In keeping with this vibe the Mandar necklaces are for men and woman, and are intended to help balance and empower the owner.  They are also intended especially for men, but look dope on women.  "I often wear Justin's necklaces layered and looped together, when...

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December 12, 2015

Hello, and Happy Holidays... Tis' the season of gift giving, of which I LOVE!  There is nothing better then getting a person you love something they love.  The gift of giving is truly enlightening.  More than the actual gift is the sincerity, and beauty behind the object.  Hopefully this practice leads us to focus in on all that is good, and let the rest float away.  For me this is what the Holidays are about: choosing to breathe in fresh, blessed air,  exhaling all the b#llsh*T, and really taking the time to show the people I love, that I LOVE them. In celebration of the season, I have marked down the entire Wolf collection, which is EVERYTHING that is currently...

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I do!

September 17, 2015

Recently I have been doing a lot of custom jewelry for weddings.  I have been honored to be able to design jewelry for several fantastic, beautiful celebrations.  This was not my initial goal as a designer, but I I have found a poignant, sweetness in this interaction, that is incomparable.  Getting married is often one of the most special moments in one's life.  It is a time to celebrate giving, and receiving love between to people.  It is such an honor, talking to a bride and groom, getting to know them, and then creating unique peices that accentuate the mood of the day.  Side note:  Grooms get ready!  I am still waiting to design a mala inspired necklace for the...

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